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Live Recording.
2011-04-21 Reggies

2011-04-21 Reggies

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Inspired by the sound of two drummers on Genesis’ “Seconds Out”, it was high time with a stage as large as Reggies to give it a go. We had fun. Except one of Randy’s congas fell off the stage during the show. Although everything in this regard  turned out to be fine, it was disturbing nonetheless because it became apparent that the stage wasn’t quite big enough for seven of us and two drum kits. We should also have given recording engineer Don Grayless more of a soundcheck, but for some reason we didn’t want to give anything away ahead of time. The fact that mercury was surely in retrograde is responsible for such decision-making.

  • John Meyer: guitar
  • Douglas Johnson: Clevinger bass
  • Michael Hovnanian: double bass
  • Tom Mendel: bass guitar
  • Randy Farr: congas, percussion
  • Bob Garrett: drum kit
  • Steven Rutstein: drum kit


Gunnelpumpers 2011-04-21 at Reggies

Gunnelpumpers 2011-04-21 at Reggies