Core Members

  • Doug Brush, drum kit, tabla, percussion

  • Randy Farr, congas percussion

  • Bob Garrett, drum kit, percussion

  • Matthew Golombisky, basses

  • Douglas Johnson, basses

  • Michael Hovnanian, double bass

  • Tom Mendel, electric bass

  • John Meyer, guitar


Other Notables

Over 50 musicians have performed with Gunnepumpers since the group was founded in July, 2002, by Douglas Johnson and Randy Farr.

  • Caroline Davis, alto sax

  • James Davis, trumpet

  • Nabil Gowdey, electric bass

  • David Keller, ‘cello

  • Quin Kirchner, drum kit

  • Mark Lekas, ‘cello

  • Dave Miller, guitar

  • Michael Miller, theremin, keyboard

  • Steve Roberts, guitar

  • Steve Rutstein, drum kit

  • Michael Salter, tenor sax