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2012_09_22 Stage Bar

2012_09_22 Stage Bar

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This is a live set performed at the Stage Bar  in Chicago on September 22, 2012. Also featured on the program were Chris Bock and whitewolfsonicprincess.

One strange thing that happened this evening was that Gunnelpumper Michael Hovnanian was on his way to play with us after his concert with the Chicago Symphony, and before he arrived, the television in the bar showed that the symphony had just gone on strike moments before the concert! Fortunately, they were able to resolve their differences in a number of days.

The Gunnelpumpers lineup for this evening was:

  • Ben Spulber, electric guitar
  • Douglas Johnson: Clevinger bass
  • Michael Hovnanian, double bass
  • Tom Mendel, bass guitar
  • Randy Farr: congas, percussion
  • Steven Rutstein: drum kit