• 2013_01_26_GalleryCabaret Song1 Puzzle Dust
  • 2013_01_26_GalleryCabaret Song2 The Grind
  • 2013_01_26_GalleryCabaret Song3 Buffalo Jump
  • 2013_01_26_GalleryCabaret Song4 Fabula Rasa
  • 2013_01_26_GalleryCabaret Song5

Live Recording.
2013_01_26 Gallery Cabaret

2013_01_26 Gallery Cabaret

Show Details.

This live performance was recorded on January 26, 2013, at Gallery Cabaret in Chicago, Illinois. The evening opened with a sets from Christina Trulio and whitewolfsonicprincess. Bassist Douglas Johnson, who organized the event, performed with all three groups.

The Gunnelpumpers set was one of the loudest on record, and prompted complaints from some of Gallery Cabaret’s neighbors. It was also the first Gunnelpumpers set to feature two electric guitarists, which might explain the roudness. This was also the last time we worked with soundman Garrett Lane at the Gallery Cabaret, since he and the bar had a parting of ways not long after this show. He was always a big proponent of what we do, as evidenced by his “God Bless the Gunnelpumpers!” at the end of Track 4 Fabula Rasa.

The Gunnelpumpers lineup was:

  • John Meyer: electric guitar
  • Steve Roberts: electric guitar
  • Douglas Johnson: Clevinger bass
  • Tom Mendel: bass guitar
  • Randy Farr: congas, percussion
  • Steve Rutstein: drum kit

Poster designed by Kevin Patrick Taylor.