• 01 the nth wave
  • 02 The Whirling Magnificent
  • 03 Feel-Good Hit of the Season
  • 04 Ticks & Asps
  • 05 Pentephilia
  • 06 Fields of Intention
  • 07 March of the Jury

the nth wave

the nth wave
One brisk January afternoon some time ago, four friends gathered together with the intent of capturing some of the sonic magic that had resulted from previous informal get-togethers. With no rehearsals, one ratty distortion pedal, one or two premeditated musical ideas, two double basses, and an array of percussion instruments, they set up the mics and pressed “Record”. The music was literally pulled from the air, sometimes old and ancient, while at other times modern, edgy. Encompassing a broad expanse of time, space, and emotion, this music travels, goes places, to the various corners of the world, music of peace, warmth, unrest, solitude, frenzy, friendship, often playful, while at other times seeking, unsettled. These seven songs appear in the order they were recorded live that January afternoon. Almost lost to the dustbin of history, this album — the result of their very first recording session — reveals the very essence of this group of musicians otherwise known as Gunnelpumpers.

released 25 May 2010

the nth wave can be purchased physically and digitally through Bandcamp, CD Baby, as well as digitally through iTunes, Amazon, etc. The group’s web site also features over 12 hours of live recordings

Doug Brush – tabla, cajón, hybrid kit, percussion
Randy Farr – congas, shakers, percussion
Michael Hovnanian – double bass
Douglas Johnson – 5-string double bass, distortion pedal

Engineered by Bob Garrett at StudiOm
Mixed and mastered by Brian Bullard
Photography, layout and design by Joan Levergood
Special text by Nathan Johnson
Produced by Douglas Johnson
Released by Spiritflake Music

the nth wave disc for web

the nth wave