• 2013_02_17 Whistler Song1 Puzzle Dust
  • 2013_02_17 Whistler Song2 Eschatonus
  • 2013_02_17 Whistler Song3 Fabula Rasa
  • 2013_02_17 Whistler Song4
  • 2013_02_17 Whistler Song5 Occitone

Live Recording.
2013_02_17 The Whistler

2013_02_17 The Whistler

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This live performance was recorded on February 17, 2013, at The Whistler in Chicago, Illinois. The evening opened with the Gunnelpumpers set, followed by one from Crown Larks, who were busy at the time recording their debut CD.

The Gunnelpumpers lineup was:

  • John Meyer: electric guitar
  • David Keller: ‘cello
  • Douglas Johnson: Clevinger bass
  • Tom Mendel: bass guitar
  • Randy Farr: congas, percussion
  • Steve Rutstein: drum kit

Poster designed by Kevin Patrick Taylor