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Symphonie Improvisé

Symphonie Improvisé
This completely improvised performance took place on January 2, 2010, at WNUR Studios in Evanston, Illinois, as part of the venerable and long-running Airplay program. This work features two upright basses plus angular, well-placed guitar, and some beautiful hand percussion. The sound of Gunnelpumpers is rooted more in complimentary textural layers than any kind of jazz or creative improv groove. The multiple basses are melodic and hardly the thumping/booming monstrosity you might expect; instead they combine with the world percussion to give this work a rare and great quality: non-traditional yet immediately accessible.


Symphonie Improvisé can be purchased physically and digitally through Bandcamp, CD Baby, as well as digitally through iTunes, Amazon, etc. The group’s web site also features over 12 hours of live recordings.


released 01 December 2010
Recorded live January 2, 2010, for the Airplay program at WNUR Studios in Evanston, Illinois
Doug Brush – tabla, dried frog-liver shaker, tambourine, percussion, cajon, gong, “rectoid (wooden)”
Randy Farr – congas, doumbek, cymbal and snare, percussion
Michael Hovnanian – contrabass
Douglas Johnson – Clevinger bass, effects
Dave Miller – electric guitar, effectsRecorded by Mike Corsa
Mastered by Brian Bullard
Released by Spiritflake Music
Special thanks to Jason Steele, Amy Harris, John Bruzan, and Lise Bruzan
Symphonie Improvisé CDSymphonie Improvisé cover