• 2013_07_24 Martyrs Song1 Bolander-Eschatonus
  • 2013_07_24 Martyrs Song2 Smokeblossom
  • 2013_07_24 Martyrs Song3 Bassacaglia-Puzzle Dust
  • 2013_07_24 Martyrs Song4 Zaftundzwanzig
  • 2013_07_24 Martyrs Song5 Whirling Magnificent
  • 2013_07_24 Martyrs Song6 Earthing

Live Recording.
2013_07_24_Martyrs CD Release Party

2013_07_24_Martyrs CD Release Party

This is a live Gunnelpumpers set performed at Martyrs’ in Chicago on July 24, 2013. Performances by The Ham Council and Sophisafunk rounded out the evening.

This was the CD release show for Gunnelpumpers fourth album, Montana Fix.

The lineup for this evening was:

  • John Meyer: electric guitar
  • Douglas Johnson: clevinger bass
  • Michael Hovnanian: double bass
  • Doug Brush: tabla, didgeridoo, frame drum, percussion
  • Randy Farr: congas, cajon, percussion
  • Bob Garrett: drum kit, percussion