Yeahhh, so I’ve been dragging my feet getting lots o’ live recordings online for streaming and such. The number of unedited live recordings had become rather overwhelming, and then I forgot how to edit the WAV files to boot, having been long out of practice. So, anyway, I decided to figure it out and at least take a bite out of it the mountain of raw recordings. putting the contents of five shows up in the last couple days.

Keller House Concert (9/21/2013): A set of music at the home of one S. Keller and friends on September 21, 2013. Also featured on the program were A Light Sleeper and Origin of Animal.

Wayne Street Block Party (8/17/2013): A live recording of Gunnelpumpers at the Wayne Street Block Party in Chicago, Illinois on August 17, 2013. The drummer Steven Rutstein had come down with a nasty case of bronchitis and was unable to perform, resulting in an extremely rare membranophone-less set.

Martyrs’ CD Release Party for Montana Fix: This is a live Gunnelpumpers set performed at Martyrs’ in Chicago on July 24, 2013. Performances by The Ham Council and Sophisafunk rounded out the evening. This was the CD release show for Gunnelpumpers fourth album, Montana Fix.

Gallery Cabaret (4/27/2013): A live recording of Gunnelpumpers at Gallery Cabaret in Chicago on April 27, 2013. We were the last of four bands and started very late, the crowd having thinned significantly by the time we played. Guitarist Steve Roberts, who was playing Book of Mormon, had planned to join us but ended up leaving before our set due to a matinee the next day. This is one of those rare performances where we seemed to draw everything from thin air, without any previous grooves known to us. The three groups preceding us were Hannah Frank and Company, The Red Apples, and whitewolfsonicprincess.

Stage Bar (9/22/2012): This is a live set performed at the Stage Bar  in Chicago on September 22, 2012. Also featured on the program were Chris Bock and whitewolfsonicprincess. One strange thing that happened this evening was that Gunnelpumper Michael Hovnanian was on his way to play with us after his concert with the Chicago Symphony, and before he arrived, the television in the bar showed that the symphony had just gone on strike moments before the concert! Fortunately, they were able to resolve their differences in a number of days.

To see all of our live recordings online, go to or click Live under the Recordings menu. Clicking a musician’s name will display all of the live shows that individual performed on.